You wake up, wondering where you are. You see someone next to you, a sniper rifle in hand, pointing at another girl... Welcome to the RPG site of the famous anime Angel Beats! You take place as a high schooler (with amnesia or not) who had recently died.
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PostSubject: Nanaeko Morena    Nanaeko Morena Icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 9:15 pm

Name:Nanaeko Morena (Pseudo-japanese name I made up about... 40 seconds ago.)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Side: SSS
Appearance: Plain black long headhair (.... as apposed to... other hair being long? O_o), practically anorexic body, has a tendency to roll up sleeves if an outfit has long sleeves... (I'd draw this if it wouldn't look like I was 3 with my drawing ability... hehe.)
Personality: Usually very sullen, yet occasionally becomes extremely happy or bouncy, usually coinciding with how long it has been since the last meal. In the sullen periods, can be incredibly violent, although it's the opposite in the happy periods.
History or Origins: Died due to a eating disorder, Nanaeko is in the after life filled with regret for something unrelated, something she can't remember herself. Lived in the United Kingdom most of her life, despite being born in Shibuya... In fact, a commonly told story in her family is that her mother gave birth in front of the dog statue there, but this is nothing more than an amusing story told by the elderly members of her family back when she was alive: she was in fact born in a hospital. She detests all things that are cute, although it's doubtful that she'd do much about it. She used to have nightmares of Hello Kitty, so she's likely to curl up into a ball and shiver if she sees anything like that.
Anything else?: Is average in most academic subjects, although is fairly good at dodgeball due to the skeletal-thin body. Falls asleep very quickly, and snores loudly. Prefers small weapons to large ones (i.e. knives over swords, guns over rifles), as she has a tendency to prefer moving fast over firepower.
Despite having only average grades when at school in the real world, Naneko is actually fairly bright, and does in fact have a secret love for science fiction stories, especially those with robots and Asimovian Laws coming into play.
Happens to be good with modifying computery things for non-orthodox uses, such as converting a Wiimote into a mousepointer to use in video games. Was working on a way to make a modern version of the PowerGlove before she died.

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Nanaeko Morena
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