You wake up, wondering where you are. You see someone next to you, a sniper rifle in hand, pointing at another girl... Welcome to the RPG site of the famous anime Angel Beats! You take place as a high schooler (with amnesia or not) who had recently died.
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 About the Trading Center

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PostSubject: About the Trading Center   About the Trading Center Icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 8:19 pm


Welcome to the Angel Beats! RPG Trading Center!

Under your profile, you might have noticed a little section labelled "RPer Coins". What are RPer Coins? Well, they are coins that you can trade for stuff at the Trading Center! Now you may - or may not - be wondering, How do I earn RPer Coins?

By posting! It's as simple as that. Every time you start a new topic, you earn 3 points. Every time you reply to a topic, you earn 1!

Are there faster ways to earn RPer Coins? Of course! Once in a while, we might hold contests. The prizes will be points which you can use to spiffy up your profile! Heh, I like that word, spiffy...

Does the Trading Center have rules? Yes, yes of course.

There is no backing out of the trade. Once the 'transaction' has been completed, there is no getting your RPer Coins back. The only way to get them back is to earn more.

I hope you enjoy the Trading Center!

~Seika Kiyoko
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About the Trading Center
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