You wake up, wondering where you are. You see someone next to you, a sniper rifle in hand, pointing at another girl... Welcome to the RPG site of the famous anime Angel Beats! You take place as a high schooler (with amnesia or not) who had recently died.
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 The Infiltration Operation

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PostSubject: The Infiltration Operation   The Infiltration Operation Icon_minitimeSun Jul 25, 2010 1:39 am

From the roof of the school, one could see just about everything, even at night time.
Such a vantage point was beneficial to Hisoka, being a sniper.
The high ground allowed him to see everything, and also put him out of harm's way; it allowed him to kill someone at a range where they couldn't fight back.

Of course, there was typically only one thing to shoot at - the Angel, who was the monkey wrench in their operations, the one who he and the other SSS members fought, to rebel against god and earn something to make up for their unfair lives, and deaths.

She of course, was near-invincible, with her being able to use abilities that rendered her, just about, bullet proof.
The fights with Angel weren't hopeless battles, though, as most of the time they were only diversions, so the other members could carry out some kind of operation.
This operation was another breaching of the Angel's sanctuary, something he never got to see.

He, as usual, was on recon and, after gaining sight of the enemy, long-range assault.
Currently, Hisoka was lying on his stomach; looking through the scope lens of his DSR-1 sniper rifle, which he had called "Sayoko".

He didn't know why he called it that, but it was the first name that came to mind, and it had some kind of significance.
He couldn't remember what made it significant, though.

He was almost perfectly still, in his silence, with his right index finger resting on the trigger of the rifle.
The rifle itself sat on its bipod, and its foot at the stock.

"You see her yet?" Buzzed an SSS member in his right ear, through the earpiece he wore, which was obscured behind the hood of his black poncho.
He removed his right hand from the pistol grip of the gun and touched the earpiece, responding with a quiet,
"No. All clear."
Before returning his hand to its previous position.

It was kind of nice, this role; it put him out of the way (as he was terrible when it came to conducting such operations, and his reflexes were bad, at least up close. ) and where he wanted to be - by himself.
Sometimes he would be accompanied by another SSS member who served as his spotter; wielding another sniper rifle and a pair of binoculars.
Though typically, Hisoka was observant enough to be his own spotter, and most of the time, that's how it came to be.
Just him, by himself, with Sayoko.

He silently wished he had a book to read, or at least something to shoot at.
Staring at benches and trees was boring.
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PostSubject: Re: The Infiltration Operation   The Infiltration Operation Icon_minitimeSun Jul 25, 2010 3:35 am

Outside the school, a fresh breeze stirred up the trees' leaves. The sound of electric guitars, a set of drums, and a female voice sounded, although muffled, from inside the building. That would be Girls Dead Monster, a popular all-female band.

On the roof behind the boy, a shadow stirred, timing its movements to the beat, before detaching itself from the rest of the blackness and stepping out to reveal a slender red-haired girl. She had a long sword, sheathed, on a black leather strap on her back. Other than that, she was dressed quite normally. She had dark blue skinny jeans, black knee-high sneakers, and a red-and-black kimono-style top on. Her fiery hair was let down, save two thin ponytails, and blew slightly in the wind.

The girl stood silently, bobbing her head lightly to the beat of the latest Girls DeMo song. They were very good, and she admired them greatly even though she'd only been here a short time. Their music triggered something deep inside of her, something she couldn't explain.

She'd been in the shadows for quite a while now, waiting for the Angel while a boy in front of her stared through the scope lens of his sniper rifle. She was on duty tonight, but she wouldn't be of any use unless it came to close combat. She didn't have a gun yet, but she wished she did. It seemed like she missed out on most of the action without one.

Walking forwards until she stood beside the boy, she crouched down and murmured, "Hisoka-san... do you think the Angel will even appear tonight?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Infiltration Operation   The Infiltration Operation Icon_minitimeSun Jul 25, 2010 4:01 am

He lifted his head from the chin rest of the rifle to look at his fellow SSS member as she spoke.
While he did prefer the quiet, he couldn't help but admit that the music Girls DeMo played was good.
What, did you think a quiet bookworm like him wouldn't appreciate music?
Despite being more introverted than most, he was still a normal teenager.
And rock music, in his past life, was a favored genre of his.

His neck was was a little stiff from being in the same position for too long, so he had to move his head around a bit, to get the blood flowing properly again and to relieve himself of that stiffness.

He looked to his compatriot, who he knew to be an avid music fan, specifically of Girls Dead Monster. She was also a musician and vocalist herself, which made it no surprise that she liked Girls DeMo.
He wasn't comparable to her in the 'being a fan of that band' factor; he gained greater pleasantries from books.

He responded, in his quiet voice,
"It wouldn't matter if she did or didn't."

He was interrupted by yelling in his ear; orders.

"Dammit! Fission Mailed! She found us! We're leaving the dorms, try to cover us as we get the hell out of dodge!"

Yelled one of the members, through his communicator.
Placing one hand on the ear piece, he replied.
"Roger, I'll provide support."

He quickly returned to his position, and a click was heard after he switched the gun's safety off, looking through the scope, he adjusted its magnification and pivoted his rifle slightly so that the barrel faced the dormitory's front doors.
Through the windows in the distance, flashes from gunfire could be seen, and their din could be heard.

The front doors bursted open, followed by a group of 3 -- no, 4 SSS members, running away from a slowly advancing angel.

Said Hisoka, pointing towards Angel's general direction with his left hand, not looking up from the scope, to notify Seika of her presence.
His right index finger rested on the trigger, and his heart raced.
It was pure adrenaline; this kind of thing.
Even though he wasn't in the actual conflict, he felt that he was; he was immersed by the intensity of it.
The gunshots, and the yelling.

Despite this adrenaline, Hisoka did his best to keep a calm demeanor; he would need it to make sure his shots struck true.

He waited for the Angel's head to enter his crosshairs, and the moment it did...


The shot from Sayoko the DSR-1 rang out, echoing throughout the school grounds, appearing louder to Seika and Hisoka.

His right hand moved away from the trigger and the pistol grip after the shot, and he re-bolted. Pulling the action up and back, then forward and down again, to its original position.

While it was a tedious process found in all bolt-action rifles that made it, in one respect, inferior to semi-automatic rifles, it was the bolt-action rifle that was more accurate.
And Hisoka liked the accuracy from his DSR-1.
Its compact size and lighter weight were good pros, too.

Hisoka noticed that his shot didn't exactly work as intended; Angel was still up.
It appears the shields or whatever defensive magic she had worked well to reflect gunfire.
Hisoka Mori wasn't going to give up, though.

Re-alligning his rifle, and placing his index finger at the trigger, he waited a moment, then shot again, repeating the re-bolting process required in bolt-action sniper rifles.

Hopefully she wouldn't come for him at this point; he was horrible at closer quarters.
Then again, Seika was here, and CQ was her forte.
He would run back and let her deal with the Angel in hand to hand.
Or rather, blade to blade.

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PostSubject: Re: The Infiltration Operation   The Infiltration Operation Icon_minitimeSun Jul 25, 2010 5:08 am

"Oh." Was all Seika said. She always knew he was the silent type, and it unnerved her a bit. But he was always efficient, always doing his job to the best of his abilities. She sometimes wondered what went through his mind. He sure was an interesting character, with an air of mystery about him. He was certainly different than most of the other SSS members.

Suddenly, a voice burst from his earpiece, loud enough for her to hear. Hisoka's response was calm as ever as he readjusted the gun's settings. She bit her lip as he pointed at the Angel. She felt a pang every time she saw her being aimed at. 'What is she at fault for, anyways?' The flame-haired girl wondered. She just knew that the innocent-looking girl was the enemy of the SSS. Perhaps there was more than met the eye with her. She really did look like an angel.

A small hand gesture was what warned Seika of the Angel's arrival. For a short-lived moment, Seika wondered if her name was actually Angel. It was fitting, yes, but...

A loud gunshot rang out, making Seika flinch. Hisoka was already reloading. Angel was unaffected, her pale white hair ruffled by the wind, but otherwise, nothing. Her pale green-yellow gaze betrayed no emotion as she deflected the bullets with her skill. The redhead knew by know that all her moves had names. This one in particular was called "Distortion". It was virtually impossible to hit her when she used that skill, although it did restrict her movements and speed.

"Alright, looks like it's my turn. Gambatte, Hisoka-san!" She called while saluting him in a somewhat cheerful voice as she swung up onto the rail with one arm and dropped to the ground in a swift, fluid movement. She hit the ground and balanced herself with her arms, the impact spread evenly throughout her body so that it was no more than a dull ache before disappearing completely.

She looked up. The Angel was staring at her with those calm eyes again. Seika unsheathed her sword, the familiar ruby-encrusted hilt resting comfortably in her hand, fitting perfectly, as if designed for her hands only. She faced her adversary, knuckles white against the dark hilt. "Tenshii." She whispered. The Angel stared at her for a moment, as if studying her opponent, looking for weaknesses of any sort. Then, her mouth opened, and her soft voice seemed intensified as she murmured,

"Hand Sonic."
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PostSubject: Re: The Infiltration Operation   The Infiltration Operation Icon_minitimeSun Jul 25, 2010 5:36 am

"I can provide cover fire from up here."
He said as she lept off of the roof from the railing while adjusting the scope's magnification, to better suit the more limited range.

He adjusted his aim, this time for the legs, which were funnily enough a smaller target than the Angel's head, due to their being skinny.

Regardless, though, he would try to hit his mark, hopefully crippling Angel, to make the fight easier for Seika.

Another shot rang out after he pulled the trigger, this time missing the Angel's frail legs.
After rebolting, he tried again, keeping in mind how many bullets he had left to the DSR's magazine.

The Angel, although she seemed a petite and quiet figure, was actually deadly in combat.
He saw it, and witnessed it; his own friends being sliced by those blades she conjured.
She never attacked them initially, though; it was only after they begun firing at her that she started her assault.

He wasn't sure why she was their enemy, or why they were attacking someone who didn't seem to be aggressive.
But eh, the only thing he could do was follow orders, as the SSS helped him get adjusted to this weird place.

He continued his fire, aiming for the Angel's legs.
He wouldn't stop firing until he either ran out of ammo, or was ordered to retreat.
They were going to be the ones to retreat last, after all; as they were covering for the infiltration team, so they themselves could leave.

While the fight transpired, Hisoka hoped that the Angel wouldn't attack him, for he would be screwed in a close-range fight.
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PostSubject: Re: The Infiltration Operation   The Infiltration Operation Icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 7:37 pm

For a moment, Seika's blood felt frozen in her veins. She stared at Angel; the petite girl returned the stare calmly, as if daring her to fight. It was in that moment that Seika tore her gaze away and gave a small cry. She ran towards the bleach-white-haired girl with the sword in hand, katana-sharp blade glinting in the moonlight. She kept her elbows bent, close to her body as she ran, until she reached her adversary.

It was then that she struck with her blade, aiming for the girl's upper torso, keeping an eye open for a counterattack. Angel blocked her blow, raising her free hand and thrusting forwards, directly at her. Seika gritted her teeth and put the long blade in middle position, side-stepping at the same time, but feeling her opponent's blow as it hit near the tip of the blade, sending a spark into the night air. The impact sent her reeling back, but she stepped forwards again, in time to see a Hand Sonic blade slice the air where her head was just a half second ago. She gulped but maintained balance and confidence, slashing at the snowy-haired girl, defending and stabbing at open parts.

At one point, the locking of blades brought the two girls face-to-face. Amber eyes stared into yellow ones, trying to search for an answer of some sort. The golden-green eyes remained expressionless, terrifyingly calm. The redhead gave a shout of effort and pushed her hand against the hilt, sending Angel doubling back. Angel sliced at the taller girl's abdomen and chest, but when Seika tried to sidestep, the blade caught her arm, leaving a deep slice that cut through half her arm. She screamed in pain before tossing her blade into her other arm. The reek of blood that came from the ever-darkening and growing patch of red on her right sleeve made her sick. The girl collapsed onto her back, gasping for breath.

Tenshii took the opportunity to attack again, but this time, Seika was prepared. As Angel rushed towards her, she clashed blades with her again, doing a tuck and a backroll at the same time, kicking out with her legs, sending Angel flying back. Her arm throbbed with pain, but it was quickly healing. The two teenaged girls leapt into the fray once more, a tangle of arms and blades. However, the flame-haired girl was soon losing the flow of the battle. Angel was defending her blows with ease, and coming up with new, different moves that Seika had to defend herself from or try to dodge. A few more minor scrapes appeared on both girls as they fought to the death.

One wrong move could kill her. But she couldn't die...

Could she?
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PostSubject: Re: The Infiltration Operation   The Infiltration Operation Icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 11:21 pm

As the fight commenced, Hisoka tried his best to provide support from afar.
But each shot... barely did anything to Angel.
How the hell were they supposed to hurt this girl, let alone kill her, if every single shot and attack failed?
How hard was it a feat to infiltrate her quarters?
Did it have advanced laser-security or something?

He grimaced at the sight of Seika's blood, feeling slightly useless in this fight.
Well, it wasn't like he had to pay for the ammo or anything; might as well unload all that he had on this emotionless monstrosity of a girl.

He pulled the bolt up and back, and exchanged the now empty magazine for a new one, repeating the same bolting process but in reverse.
He had to be extra careful now; the fight was fairly close, and he didn't want to accidentally hit Seika because of unintentional friendly fire.

Hisoka took aim for Angel's knees, with hope that he would cripple her, to make her an easy kill.
He wasn't sure if she had healing abilities, and hoped not.

BANG! A shot rang out after he squeezed the trigger, after thinking he had an opportune moment at shooting her.
The bullet was deflected from her knee; but he tried again.
After rebolting, he readjusted his aim, gulping down a glob of saliva.
While usually fairly calm in such situations, he felt nervous for his ally's state; even though one couldn't actually 'die' here.
Pain was entirely possible to feel, though; and Hisoka could only imagine how much pain was felt being cut like that.

He tried to shoot her again, as the fight progressed; but this time, he missed entirely.
It seemed the Angel was trying to make her moves more unpredictable to both he and Seika.

He really wanted to make this shot count, so he made the extra effort to wait a little more.
He waited for his chance to strike, alligned his rifle, then...

He squeezed the trigger, and with the din that normally sounded whenever Sayoko was fired, the bullet flew from the barrel.
And into Angel's left knee.

Perhaps it was sheer luck that he managed to hit her?
Regardless, he wasn't going to let his excitement get to him.
He watched as the Angel, now heavily disoriented, struggled to stand.
Now things were looking up.
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The Infiltration Operation
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