You wake up, wondering where you are. You see someone next to you, a sniper rifle in hand, pointing at another girl... Welcome to the RPG site of the famous anime Angel Beats! You take place as a high schooler (with amnesia or not) who had recently died.
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 Rules of the Site

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The Sensei
The Sensei

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PostSubject: Rules of the Site   Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:01 am

1. No Spamming. Please, many people cannot stand it.
2. No flaming. Lets all be nice...
3. No godmodding/powerplaying. It means you cannot make another person's character do something without their permission. I know you cannot die, but still.
4. Make sure your character has been approved before roleplaying!
5. This rule is not too enforced, but please do take the time to check your spelling/grammatical errors. We would like to see legible roleplaying to make it fun for everyone! (:
5. Have fun! Obey this rule the most >:U
6.Must start at the steps as if you have just died.

More will be added ^.^
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Rules of the Site
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